Aunty Chidi offers African spice, herbs and super foods all over the world in order to help heal the masses and in the great tradition of our elders to let our food be our medicine once more again.

Our great ancestors and first noted doctor of history, Imhotep said "let your food be your medicine". He was a multi-purpose genius. Now with the rebirth of an African consciousness based on the wisdom of the great civilizations of our glorious past, it is time for us to reclaim our body temple and purify it from the contamination of the contemporary world. Aunty Chidi's mission is to help reestablish a new golden age in terms of nutrition. As the old dictum goes. "You are what you eat" or more so you become what you eat quicker than you think. Aunty Chidi's boats a wide variety of herbs and spices as well as super foods all organically sourced from Africa and produced with a fair-trade model. The benefits of these herbs are more and more being proven by western science and are at the forefront of creating a healthy diet and living for all. Great products such as Moringa leaf powder that is known as the Tree of Life and now is recognized as the most nutritious leaf on the planet as well as herbs and spices that the elders of the village always used to lived beyond 100 and to remain healthy and vibrant well into their old age. These products are what Aunty Chidi is making available to the world again. Be sure to buy into Aunty Chid's and purchase as many products as you can because you must remember that your body is a temple that deserves all the good things Aunty Chidi has to offer.