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Ghanaba. Sportsman, Musician, Broadcaster, Journalist, Author, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and last but not least, a Mentor and a proud Ghanaian. Ghanaba was born on May 4th 1923 in Ghana then the Gold Coast. He was born Warren Gamaliel Akwei and known to others as KPAKPO. He later changed his name to Guy Warren of Ghana, and on 1 July 1974, Ghana's Republic Day, ultimately taking the name Kofi Ghanaba. He was educated at the Government Boys’ School, Accra, from 1928 to 1939. During this time he developed his interest in music by playing for the school band. In 1940 he enrolled as a student/founder at Ordorgonno Secondary School after passing with distinction from the Government Boys’ School, Accra. In the same year, he joined the Accra Rhythmic Orchestra under Yeboah Mensah as a drummer. He won a government teacher training scholarship to Achimota College, Accra in 1941 with the intention of becoming a teacher at his father’s school. While at Achimota he was actively involved in sports. He however dropped out of Achimota College because “I was bored stiff with my studies and the stern discipline of the college, which attempted to change me into an Englishman.” click here to read more.


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The Kofi Ghanaba African Heritage Archives and Museum


Ghanaba's Archives has one of the largest collections of audiotapes, videos, indigenous African musical instruments, posters, vintage and contemporary photographs, as well as news papers for research purposes. Scholars and enthusiasts of African and Ghanaba’s contribution to Jazz, High-Life, and the Blues, will enjoy the viewing of videos and listening to well indexed facilities in building located in the woods of Medie near Nsawam in the outskirts of Accra, Ghana.

The Ghanaba Archive/Museum can be visited by appointment only. To make an appointment contact the Ghanaba Afro-Jazz Gallery or contact Yemo Nunu at 028 505 1168.



KOFI GHANABA the Inventor of the Afro-Jazz music, also wanted to be remembered as the African Jazz Drummer who translated Händels Hallelujah Chorus from its European classical origins to an African presentation.

created by Steven Feld

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Hallelujah article pdf

Articles from and about Ghanaba

Obituaries The Guardian 2009 pdf format

A-Z Ghanaba Odomankoma Kyerema the Divine Drummer pdf format.

Article from Ghanaba's newspaper January 1993 about "Jack" Rawlings pdf format.

Graphic showbiz 2000 (interview of Ghanaba)pdf format

The publicAGENDA 1996 (interview of Ghanaba)pdf format

The weekendAGENDA 2003(Ghanaba at 80)pdf format

Graphic showbiz 2003(Ghanaba clock 80)pdf format

The mirror 1998 (the African Jazz Great Kofi Ghanaba)pdf format

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