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Who is Yemo Nunu?

Yemo Nunu is a loyal friend, and a personal Photographer of the Late Divine Drummer.Yemo Worked with Ghanaba for over 25 years. During this time, Yemo captured historical images of the late Divine Drummer. These historical photos of the Divine Drummer will be part of our permanent exhibitions at the Ghanaba Afro-Jazz Gallery.


The Gallery’s Photo Studio, also known as the Yemo NuNu’s Corner, will exhibit rare vintage, and contemporary story telling photos of the late Divine Drummer with special emphasis on the last 25 years of his life in Ghana. The Photo Gallery will also exhibit vintage photographs of international, and influential Jazz legends and their connections to Ghanaba.

Yemo Nunu and the Divine Drummer.

1998-during the gathering of the greater

Accra chief to celebrate the centenary of Accra


6th March, 2000-The Divine Drummer sits in state as he is decorated with the Arts Critics Reviewers Association of Ghana (ACRAG) Flagstaff Award by Prof. Atukwei Okai, and Prof. Emeritus J.H. Nketia. Nii Anum Telfer giving Ghanaba the victory salute and Nii Noi Notey, eulogising Ghanaba with Alghaita flute.

1998-gathering of the greater Accra Chiefs

1987-After a performance at Nkrumah Park

1998 -during an interview by the German Cultural Affairs

1998-during the National Museum Exhibition of 100 years of Accra

1998-Centenary Celebration of Accra

2007-Ghanaba and Steven Feld-during the making of the Hallelujah Chorus

1986- at the African Heritage Library Ghanaba Bii-(Afrika Obonu) The cultural group which backed Ghanaba during the 80s

1993-Midnight in the Slave Dungeon at Elimina Castle, Cape Coast. Ghanaba adoring Mutabaruka to his African Roots.

1998-Ghanaba and Ni Anum Telfer.

1986-during a performance and the African Heritage Library

Midnight in the Slave Dungeon.

1987-Ghanaba and Ghanaba-Bii performs at the National

Museum. seen in this photo is Nkruma's original statue

(Nkruma's arms broken off by an angry crowd during the 1966 coup)

Ghanaba played 3 concerts on that day-1st concert was at the 28th February cross roads (sergeant adjetey shrines.)

2nd concert was at Nkrumah's Park

3rd concert seen in this photo was at The National Museum

Midnight in the Slave Dungeon-Ghanaba and Mutabaruka's Wife

1998-Musiga Meeting at National Commission of Culture

Ghanaba, Faisal Helwani, and Glen Ghanababa

1993-Mutabaruka on stage with Ghanaba

Midnight in the slave Dungeon

1987 -Ghanaba-Bii along with Midie and Mawuko Ghanaba at Nkrumah Park formerly known as The Old Polo Ground.

This is where Nkrumah stood on March 6, 1957, to declare Ghana's independence.

The park was later destroyed in 1966 by an angry crowd lead by Kotoka and Afrifa...and then was turned into a polo ground for the British..

Ghanaba wrote to President Rawlings during the 80s advocating for the park to be changed into Nkrumah Park. The Park was officially inaugurated in 1992 as Nkrumah Park

1993- Midnight in the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon

1986-during a Performance at the African Heritage Library.

Ghanaba regaining conciousness after being totally out of this world

2003 at the African Heritage Library

2003 at the African Heritage Library



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